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Lo's corner (Sci Fi stories, time-travel talks and more)


Lo in Pamir (August 2018) (Diary and photos)

Lo in Azerbaijan (April 2018) (Diary and photos)

Lu & Lo go trekking in the Alpi Giulie (July 2017) (Photos)

Lo's winter excursions and climbs (2016-17) (Photos)

Lu & Lo go to Pantelleria (Photos)

Lu & Lo go to Pisa (for Paolo Fresu's concert) (Photos)

Lu & Lo go to Venice (Photos)

Lo goes Giordania (Text+Photos)

Lo goes to India, again (Text+Photos)

Lo goes to Finland (Photos)

Lo goes to Vienna (Photos)

Lo goes to Colonia, Coblenza, Bad Honnef (Photos)

Lu&Lo spend new year's eve walking from Berceto to Pontremoli (Photos)

Lo goes to China (Text and photos)

Lu&Lo go to Monti della Laga (Photos)

Lu&Lo go to Elba (Lu goes free diving!) (Photos)

Lu&Lo bike across Iceland (Text, Photos, GPS track)

Lu&Lo cross the Andes (Text, Photos, GPS track)

Lu&Lo go ice-climbing at Mont-Avic (Valle d'Aosta) (Photos)

Lu&Lo go ice-climbing on Acheronte (Valnontey, Valle d'Aosta) (Photos)

Lu&Lo go hinking on Monti Sibillini (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Vienna (Text+Photos)

Lu&Lo go trekking, Sibillini (Photos and GPS track)

Lu&Lo in Norway in winter (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Corsica (Photos and GPS track)

Lu&Lo in Valle di Gressoney (Photos)

Lu&Lo bike Umbria (Photos and GPS track)

Lu&Lo go to White Sands National Monument (Photos and GPS track)

Lu&Lo in the far west (again!) (Photos)

Lu&Lo in the desert (Chaco canyon) (Photos)

Lu&Lo sleep on the Rocky Mountains (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Rio Chama valley (Photos)

Lu&Lo go from Los Alamos to Taos (NM, USA) (Photos)

Lu&Lo meet a triceratop while biking (Photos)

Lu&Lo go flying and Lo pilots! (Photos)

Lu&Lo bike up to 3880m, then they visit Santa Fe and the next day they see a BEAR! (Photos)

Lu&Lo in the desert (Bandelier) (Photos)

Lu&Lo arrive in New Mexico (Photos)

Lu&Lo meet the whales! (Photos)

Lu&Lo visit Toronto (Photos)

Lu&Lo bike ON a lake (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Quebec (Text+Photos)

Lu&Lo bike on the north shore (Photos)

Lu&Lo go sailing (Photos)

Lu&Lo at the foliage in New Hampshire (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Vermont (Photos)

Lu&Lo go to Cape Cod (MA, USA) (Photos)

Lu&Lo a Provincetown (MA, USA): whale watching (Photos)

Lu&Lo on the Atlantic coast (Castleneck, MA, USA) (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Salento (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo pedal the arctic in Norway (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo cross Sardegna by bike (2008) (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo go south (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Wales (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo go ice climbing (Photos)

Lu&Lo in Barcelona (Photos)

Lu&Lo fanno sci alpinismo (Photos)

Lu&Lo a Zermatt (Photos)

Lu&Lo sul Testa Grigia (Photos)

Lu&Lo al concerto U2! (Photos)

Lu&Lo in bici in Sardegna (Febbraio 2004) (Photos)

Lu&Lo hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park (Photos)

Lu&Lo hiking in Pollino National Park (Photos)

Lu&Lo in the far west: Sierra Nevada (CA, USA) and Nevada desert (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo in Sicily (Text+photos)

Lu&Lo in Sevilla (Photos)

Lu&Lo over 4000 (Text+photos)


Lo climbs Tour Ronde with Simo (Photos)

Lo goes to Hiroshima (Text)

Lo goes to Scotland (Text+Photos)

Lo goes to Santa Barbara (Photos, Flight GPS track,Kayak 1,Kayak 2)

Lo goes mountain-biking with Doc (A photo and GPS track)

Lo at NASA (Text+Photos)

Lo climbs Mont Blanc with Simo (Photos)

Lo goes to India (Text + Photos)


Lu in Baviera, visiting Grazia and Luca, 2009 (Photos)

Lu on the Saint James route (Camino de Santiago), 2012 (Photos, captions coming soon)

Lu on the Saint James route (Camino de Santiago), 2013 (Photos and considerations)


Lu&Lo in the Boston Harbour on the Nevermore (MIT) (Photos)

Lu&Lo on their tiny sailboat in Francavilla al Mare(Photos and GPS track)

Lu&Lo on the Charles River at MIT sailing pavillion (Photos)

Lu at the foliage in Cambridge (Photos)

Lu at the Museum of Science: a butterfly among butterflies! (Photos)

Lu waits for Obama at MIT (Photos)

Snow in Boston (Photos)

Los Alamos parade (and atomic museum) (Photos)

Lu's birthdate 2009 at home (Photos)

Lu's birthdate 2009 in New York (Photos)

Lu&Lo eat Shabu-shabu (Photos)

Il nostro matrimonio

Lucia's old natural reservation.

Lorenzo's brother hard rock band: cool people and tough music

Random pictures of us.

L'Aquila nei ricordi di Lu